Competitive Dance FAQ

At first all of the fees may seem like a lot or a bit overwhelming, but comparably speaking it is very reasonable! We are very mindful of the cost of travel and extra fees and do our best to keep them as minimal as possible while still giving our students plenty of opportunity to progress and grow in the competitive dance arena. We have done our best to be transparent with our fees.

Why do competition teams?

Competitive Teams are in the studio 2-3 times per week and are able to progress faster. Students are also given judges feedback to help them improve. We also encourage our competitive teams to become good friends together and do things together outside of class to help form strong team bonds.

How many competitions do we attend?

Competitive Teams attend 3 Local competitions and all Elite Competitive Teams except Mini & Junior Teams attend 1 Utah Competition unless there is a Utah or National Circuit Competition that comes to Idaho Falls or nearby that we choose to replace it with. Jr. Elite, Teen & Elite Teams will also have the option of attending 1 Convention – TBD per team.

How much are competition fees?

Estimate $30-$35/per team routines per competition (if we attend a locally run competition it is usually $25/per routine – we typically attend only 1 and only if there is one being offered). Solos: $95-$115 per competition

How much do costumes cost?

Estimate $75 for younger teams and $90-$100 for older teams per costume. Ballet costumes we try to keep simple and under $50. Competitive teams will also have practice uniforms (est. $95-$120) and cover-up uniforms (est. $95) – we change these every other year.

Are competitive teams required to attend Summer classes?

Competitive teams attend twice a week for a 7-week session in the Summer. Students are allowed up to 2 weeks of absences. Students have the option of taking more classes if they choose.

Are there extra requirements outside of regularly scheduled classes?

We have teamed up with Flips Gymnastics in Rigby and require all competitive students to attend our once-a-month gymnastics training-$10. They provide excellent coaching and ample space & equipment for tumbling.

We also teamed up with CLI Studios from L.A. to bring our teachers and students the latest in choreography, acrobatics and cross-training! It is an online studio with renowned teachers/choreographers that our students can take class from any time! They will have an online access code, which can also be used through an app! Cost for all competitive team students (optional for Minis & Junior Team & recreational students) to participate is $60/year/per household and must be paid with dancer’s tryout/team acceptance form. (That’s just $5/month for access to some of the greatest choreographers in the nation!) Teams will have monthly assignments in coordination with this program.

How much are the Choreography Camp fees?

Each Competitive Team learns their competition routines in a choreography camp at our studio. Estimate $65/student per camp. $100/student for Teen & Elite camps with guest artists.

How much are Summer Dance Camp fees?

All Teams except Mini Team and Hip-Hop Crews are required to attend Summer Dance Camp-$150/$180w/meal Aug. 11-13 at Thunder Ridge High School. All Hip-Hop Crews are required to attend either Hip Hop Utah-$100 tentatively the first weekend in November or Rap It Up-$125/$135w/lunch tentatively the first or second weekend in October in Utah

Are students required to participate in fundraisers?

No, however, there are several fundraising options available to students and we welcome fundraiser input and help! Students can also find personal sponsors; we have customized sponsorship forms for that as well.

Many studios require their competitive teams to attend studio classes a minimum of 4 days per week and students aren’t allowed to be enrolled in other activities. At Eleve` Dance Studios we strive to give our dancers the opportunity to progress outside of class while still maintaining a standard of excellence in dance by making the most of our minimal practices. We also strive to always produce appropriate dancing, costuming and music. We encourage positive pro-team attitudes from our dancers by encouraging our dancers to uphold the Eleve` Creed:

Eleve` Dance Studios – Hand In Hand, Together We Rise

1) We will rise up “to see” the best in ourselves and in others.
2) We will rise up “to meet” life’s challenges with courage and determination.
3) We will rise up “to serve and uplift” those around us.
4) We will rise up “to love and appreciate” both our own and other’s abilities
5) We will rise up “to become” the best version of ourselves.