Elite Jazz Team

Class Description

This class includes a 15 minute warm-up followed by technique and then jazz dance. Students in this class also participate in a choreography camp to learn a jazz dance routine.


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Estimated costume pricing is $85 including tights and accessories.

Half Soles($20-$35)


Students have the opportunity to perform at 2 dance showcases, 1 recital, other optional events as presented to us such as assisted living centers, basket-ball half times, community events, 3 local competitions and 1 Utah competition.


Lindsie Curtis

Competitive Teams Director & Competitive Coach


Artistic Director & Competitive Coach

Class Terminology

    • *Demi Plie – half bend of the knee
    • *Tendu – to stretch the foot
    • *Degage – to disengage (sustaining pointed foot off of the ground)
    • *Rond de jambe – round the leg, circular movement of the leg either on the ground or in the air
    • *Eleve – to rise, to elevate
    • *Releve – to rise from plie
    • *Passe – a movement in which the foot of the working leg passes or touches the knee of the supporting leg in turn out or parallel positions.
    • *Aerabesque – body position, in profile, supported on one leg
    • *Pique – executed by stepping directly on the point or demi-pointe of the working foot in any desired direction or position with the other foot raised in the air. (to prick/pricked)
    • *Sousus – a tight fifth position in releve.(under-over)
    • *Saute – a jump off both feet, landing with the feet in the same position. Jumping or landing on the same foot.
    • *Jete, petit – small spring from one foot to the other foot using a brushing motion.
    • *Grand Jete – a leap from one foot to the other. Working leg stays straight as it brushes forward as supporting leg pushes off to assume.
    • *Glissade – a traveling step executed by gliding the working foot from the fifth position in the required direction, the other foot closing to it.
    • *Pas de chat – large cat’s step. Performed from fifth to fifth position, landing almost simultaneously.
    • *Chasse – meaning to chase. Plie and slide the working leg away from the supporting leg, touch the supporting leg behind the working leg, land on the original supporting leg.
    • *Soutenu – a turn from sousus, turning towards back leg one revolution, the other foot ending in front.
    • *Sissone – jump from both feet on to one foot.
    • *Pirouette – a complete turn of the body on one foot.
    • *Grand Battement – working leg is raised from the hip into the air and brought down again, the accent being on the downward movement.
    • (This is a basic coverage, more class terminology and skills are added as the class progresses)